Friday, July 23, 2010

Boingo: Worst Service in the World

You may be tempted to sign up to Boingo, a wireless service provider. Please read before you do so.

First the good part: Boingo works in most airports in the US, as well as Starbucks and some other locations.

Now for the bad part: Cancelling the service is virtually impossible. You are better off trying a chargeback with the bank. There is no cancel button at the user panel. Also, you cannot cancel via email. They claim that it is for security reasons. I wonder where were those security reasons when I signed up. So, you have no choice but call customer service if you want to cancel, and that is where the fun starts. You will have to wait forever before you get to talk to an agent. I gave up way before that, and I ended up calling the bank instead.

Speaking about customer service, I had an awful experience in Europe. They claim that they have coverage in Spain's Barajas airport. You keep getting messages from the Boingo App saying "Login to Boingo here", only it does not connect (it says Whoops, We're unable to process your request. Contact Customer Service). I tried sending an email to customer support, and I got a canned reply... one week later! Maybe they thought I was the main character in the movie "The Terminal"

Then I moved to Paris, couldn't use it there either. London: same thing.

Bottom line: stay away.