Thursday, January 24, 2008

Podcasting to your phone

We love podcasts. From TWIT to the Economist, we just can't have enough. While jogging, on the car, or just waiting for the doctor, podcasts turn these brain "idle cycles" into learning or entertainment. The only thing is that we never seem to have the right podcast on the ipod.

So, we developed a cute new way to listen to podcasts: from the phone. Just call a phone number, and you'll hear a menu of available podcasts. Choose the one you want, and that's it. Want to skip forward 30 seconds? Press "3". Want to skip back? Press "1". 6 and 4 will skip forward or backwards 2 minutes, and pressing 9 and 7 will skip 8 minutes.

We are offering podcasters free direct numbers. Please contact us if you want one for you.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

JetNumbers for Skype now available

Great news!!!! We now have virtual numbers available for Skype, in beta!

Need a "skypein" number in Spain? Or maybe in Argentina, Russia, Israel or any other of the 40+ countries covered by JetNumbers?

Only 1000 numbers will be activated for this beta. Hurry up and sign up!

Arfe you a top blogger or reviewer? Drop us a note and we'll give you a complimentary subscription for you to try.