Monday, February 26, 2007

The Usefulness of Wikipedia

Wikipedia, as many of you probably know is one of the most "hit" sites online as well as one of the most important sites for reference purposes. This site and its sister sites (for other languages other than english) are an online, open encyclopedia where everyone can input information and articles. The site also permits you to edit other entries of others that maybe inaccurate. Although a wonderful site to look up anything from the origin of the name of The Simpsons' caracters to a biography of George Washington, this site has always been the bossum of criticism given its openess to editing on behalf of any user. This action that defines Wikipedia, sets off a cause and effect situation: user creates/alters article innacurately--> student uses article as reference for a term paper--> bad term paper. Since Wikipedia is a reference site, it is a given that it will be used by students. This is where much of the controversy comes from, teachers and professors are tired of students using an inaccurate site and have gone to the extent of banning the site as one for reference.
Given this situation one of the co founders, Larry Sanger, created the Citizendium project. "Citizendium has as its goal nothing less than the creation of a comprehensive and dependable encyclopedia", which will have editing by experts in each area.
I personally love Wikipedia, it is all about power to the user, however in accurate articles do exist and I can only assume that they will continue to grow as the popularity of the site snowballs, I think Sanger's idea is a top notch decision but my question is: won't this be just any other reference site?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Are you an entrepreneur?

Ever since I was appointed Business Development Manager at JN, I have grown more in contact with the internet and everything that the web can provide you with...more specifically blogs. I have been reading a ton of blogs lately so that I can stay, literally, up to date (read: up to day) about new online marketing tactics as well as tech news or even football. A blog that I have been following lately is Start up Spark, a blogs that bases it's article entries around start-ups. Read the following post, you might learn or confirm something about yourself.

Yesterday's entry is wonderful: Top 10 Ways to Know You're An Entrepreneur. Are you an entrepreneur?

You might be. Inside you there just might be an entrepreneur waiting to tear out.

Here are the top 10 ways to know if you’re an entrepreneur. (And for those of you that are already entrepreneurs, you can nod your head as we go along…Or disagree with me! Or add your own points!)

1. You’re passionate. Passion counts for a whole lot when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Without it, you’re dead before you even start.
2. You’re always looking for opportunities. Entrepreneurs are opportunity-seekers. Everything is an opportunity. Failures are even an opportunity.
3. You always think to yourself, “I can do that better.” You might know nothing about the retail business, but every time you walk into a big box store you have a thousand ideas on how to make it a better experience. Combined with your eye for opportunity, you can’t help but believe there’s a better way of doing things.
4. You want to live your work. Work isn’t a means to an end. It isn’t a way of collecting a paycheck and going home. You’re dreaming of something more than that, where you can live and breathe work. Not because you want to work more, you want to work smarter. You want your work to mean something. You want to experience something more than shuffling to the office at 8am, leaving at 5pm and forgetting what happened for that day.
5. You’re dreaming miles ahead while focused on what you’re doing right now. You’re a dreamer, but not a daydreamer. You’re dreaming a plan ahead while working constantly at achieving success on the details today. You’re a big-thinker but you don’t lack the ability to focus on details. Accomplish the little tasks is moving the ball forward for you…towards the big dream.
6. You’re an ego-maniac. You look at your boss and shrug. You know things could be better, and you believe strongly in your own abilities. You’ve got a big, healthy ego. It’s not unwarranted, but it’s not proven just yet either. Still, ego is important - because it’ll help you take risks, power forward and succeed.
7. You’re prepared to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out.” Your ego doesn’t preclude you from admitting that you don’t know something. Too many people fake their way through life, or duck their head when they don’t know the answer. Your response is to jump into it, learn what you can, move quickly and get some damn answers.
8. You’re a strategist. You’re not just thinking about tomorrow. You’re thinking much further ahead than that. This is a trait you share with a lot of people - career ladder-climbers and “cover your ass” employees. The difference is that you’re also a dreamer, and strategy + dreaming is very powerful indeed.
9. You’re a builder. You like to create things. You don’t care about recognition, praise from your boss, awards and money as much as you care about building something remarkable, and having others enjoy it and benefit from it.
10. You want control. You watch the world spin, shake and bumble around you and want to harness that more. You watch your boss and co-workers shuffle around each and every day and you want to rattle some chains. You want control. Seth Godin calls them torchbearers. You want to bear the torch.

So, are you an entrepreneur?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

JN 2.0

This past month has been a whirlwind affair, from starting a new year to launching a revised website to a change in hierarchy in JetNumbers and guess what...I am going to tell you about it!
Back in December we got working on a new and better website for JN as well as developing a new user system. You can call this new phase, JN 2.0! The site, as I assume you have noticed, has a few changes on it front page as well as inside the user interface. We were looking for a more flowing and easy to use site for you and us, we feel that the changes we made to the interface assist the user in make better decisions for their accounts...and behind the scenes it makes it a lot easier for us to manage your account and wishes. We attempted to make the UI more automated to reduce human error, which all boils down to a better service. Everyone here at JN had to pull together to launch the site, but after many endless days we feel that we have gotten a better product out to you.
As for a change in hierarchy, about two weeks ago, our CEO and co-owner of JN, Mr. Andres B. jumped on the opportunity to head the efforts in Latin America for the world's largest online casino ( so naturally it would have been extremely difficult for him to lead two companies without blurring his own vision, so he has ceded power to Kari. Does this means that we will be facing new changes...NO. Don't worry the service will continue to be what it is and we will undoubtedly continue to grow and evolve in to a better service under Kari's guidance.
Hopefully she will be posting her visions and ideas for JN 2.0.
Saludos to everyone!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Our first link exchange!

Yuppi, our blog is growing! Congrats to Sergio for hooking us up with Pablo B. As most of you probably don't know, Pablo Brenner is a well known entrepreneur here in Uruguay and is a reference for young business people like myself. Hopefully this connection won't stop here and we will be able to share great business ideas or just funny jokes.